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Variety Info


Different turfgrass varieties are designated for different jobs. Selecting the right turfgrass seed for a project is crucial to the success and usability of the turf. Whether for on a golf course, commercial / residential landscaping, sod production, or on a sports field, the correct grass seed choice is everything.

Developed from our strong breeding partnership worldwide, Everris has an outstanding portfolio of USA and EU turfgrass varieties. These include both the cool and warm season species to bring our customer one of the most diverse solution packages in the turf industry.


Agrostis Stolonifera

Agrostis stolonifera ( Creeping bentgrass) is used almost exclusively on golf courses in cool, transitional and arid climates.

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Festuca rubra rubra

Festuca rubra rubra (creeping red fescue) is used in a variety of situations, primarily in northern climates

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Festuca trachaphylla

Festuca trachaphylla (hard / sheeps) is a slow growing, low maintenance grass that remains green for a long period of time.

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Cynodon dactylon

Cynodon dactylon (bermuda grass) is used throughout the Mediterranean region on golf courses, sports fields and lawns.

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Poa pratensis

Poa pratenis (smooth stalked meadow grass) is often found on golf courses, sports fields, lawns and parks.

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Bouteloua Dactyloides

Buffalograss is a “true” native of the prairies of the western US. It is a warm season, fine leaved perennial. It is used in low rainfall areas for both pasture and for lawns.

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