Wetting agents


Wetting Agents


Everris has been providing wetting agents to turf managers for the last two decades in order to resolve the problem of Dry Patch. Recently there have been numerous advancements in the development of wetting agents to make them more effective and safer.

The newest editions in the wetting agent market have proven to be more curative and remedial for the control over Dry Patch. Everris’ wetting agents also offer excellent water conservation and have adjustable times for application. 

Conserve Tablet

H2Pro Conserve Tablets are active immediately for relieving stress caused by hydrophobic soil conditions. They also lower irrigation requirements due to its patented water conservation surfactants.

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Conserve Liquid

H2Pro Conserve Liquid is a new product in water management of turfgrass root zones. It significantly lowers irrigation requirements due to its particular water conservation surfactants.

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H2Pro Maximize is a powerful, penetrating wetting agent. It is perfect for removing surface water, salt flushing and encouraging deeper rooting. It is ideal for use on golf fairways and outfields.

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Conserve Granule

H2Pro Conserve Granules use Biodac as a carrier; a free-flowing, dust-free, cellulose complex. The carrier releases the H2Pro Conserve Granules and quickly breaks down into the root zone area.

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