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Outstanding products and solutions that will deliver perfect grass

Everris Turf and Amenity dedicates itself to providing you with outstanding products and solutions that will deliver perfect grass. We offer a vast range of high-quality grass seed and fertilizers, all which make golf greens faster, sports fields stronger and parks greener.

Through continuous research and development, using the best technology available, Everris has an answer to whatever demands you have.

Grass seeds

The Everris grass seeds portfolio forms an integral part of the iTurf Solution Program. Like all products and solutions at Everris, grass seeds are developed through extensive research and innovative technology, and backed up with expert advice.

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Mineral fertilizers

As the world leader in fertilizer manufacturing, Everris has a vast range of solutions to deliver outstanding results.

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Organic fertilizers

The Everris range of organic-based fertilizers is designed to be used on all types of turf. This range allows you to incorporate all the benefits of organic sources of nutrition into your programme without compromising on quality or reliability.

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Plant strengtheners

Stresses caused by heat, drought or disease can remove certain nutrients from the soil, or limit the nutrient uptake from the roots to the plant. Everris plant strengtheners stimulate soil and plant activity, resulting in better availability of nutritional elements for the plant. This allows the turf, plants and crops to quickly recover from stress and encourage better root growth.

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Wetting agents

Wetting agents are made up of surfactant (surface-active agent) technology. They are a large number of compounds which cause a physical change to the surface of a liquid thereby aiding water penetration into the soil.

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