Osmocote Exact

The safest Osmocote ever

Osmocote Exact combines safety, consistency, longevity and patterned release. This 3rd generation of controlled release fertilizers allows real control over the nutrient supply to the plant as the release of nutrients is matched by the plant’s needs due to patterned release. 

Osmocote Exact Standard

Osmocote Exact Standard is developed to release nutrients steadily throughout the entire growing season. The target crops are evergreens and deciduous shrubs.

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Lo Start 16-18M

Osmocote Exact, the 3rd generation of controlled release fertilizers, combines safety, consistency and patterned release. Different plants have different nutritional requirements and therefore need coated fertilizers who do not only guarantee longevity but also release pattern. Osmocote Exact closely follows plant growth, making the product not only very efficient but also very safe.

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High K 3-4M

Osmocote Exact High K 3-4M is a 3rd generation coated NPK fertilizer with trace elements. The high potassium content is ideal for compact growth and for plants with a high potassium need. Ideal for compact pot plants and bedding plants, perennials and container nursery stock. This product can also be applied in systems containing nitrogen-rich irrigation water. 

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Mini 3-4M

Osmocote Exact Mini 3-4 months contains a complete package of trace elements and magnesium.

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