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Trusted and innovative controlled release fertilizers

Osmocote controlled release fertilizers consist of small NPK granules. Depending on the product, the granules also contain magnesium and trace elements. Every single ingredient is essential for the healthy growth of your plants.

Each granule is covered by an organic resin coating that acts as a kind of membrane: water penetrates through it and starts to dissolve the nutrients inside the granule. Nutrient release starts as soon as a part of the nutrients has dissolved.  Osmocote's release start-up takes one or two weeks, depending on the product's longevity. When all nutrients have been released, the resin coating breaks down gradually over time.

Salinity, pH, microbe activity, water quality and rain do not have an effect on Osmocote controlled release fertilizers. Only temperature affects the nutrient release and therefore also the longevity of the controlled release fertilizer. Granules work in temperatures above freezing, with the membrane regulating the daily release of nutrients. The stated product longevities are valid at an average daily temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures will speed up the nutrient release and thus shorten the longevity. Lower temperatures will slow down the release of nutrients, thus extending the longevity. This way, the plants get the nutrients they need whatever the situation.

Osmocote contributes to an environmentally-friendly way of fertilizing: the leaching of nutrients is minimized by the coating applied around the granules.