E-Max Release Technology

E-Max release technology is a polymer coating which improves nutrient efficiency. The release of nutrition is based upon moisture and temperature, offering predictable longevities.

Influenced by the temperature, the semi-premeable coating regulates the daily release of nutrients. At higher temperatures the release of nutrients will be faster. At lower temperatures it will be slower, in line with the nutritional needs of the plant.

Benefits of E-Max Release Technology

  • Reduces leaching, volatilization and other forms of nutrient losses
  • Reduced input costs thanks to optimally efficient use of nutrients
  • Controlled and consistent nutrient release influenced by temperature and moisture
  • Coating’s thin weight allows for higher nutrient ratios, making it possible to reduce application rates and frequency
  • Increased coating durability enhances blending with other raw materials
  • Increased coating durability allows various application methods
  • Reduced point of salinity index level protects against toxicity when applied banded in row
Working principle