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Once moisture infiltrates this outer polymer membrane, Nitrogen is released. Depending on the thickness of the coating, the release of this Nitrogen can last up to 6 months. Even drastic increases in soil temperature or moisture will not create major fluctuations in the Nitrogen release pattern. Poly-S ensures a smooth growth for a healthy, green turf - even when growing conditions are warm and humid, or dry and cold.

Another effect of Poly-S technology is the efficiency of the nutrient uptake. It is so effective that the risk of leeching is dramatically reduced. A side effect is that there are less growing peaks and thus a reduction in the frequency of cutting the turf. This means a lower amount of clippings to worry about and thus less buildup of unwanted thatch.

The beauty of Poly-S technology is has a great release-curve which copies the plant’s requirements while keeping nutrient waste to a minimum.